Simple, Secure, Inexpensive and Resilient Remote Backup Appliances

rbpod's make it easy for you to reclaim your remote backups from companies that don't always have your best interests in mind.



An rbpod should be very easy to setup and maintain. Setup should be very quick and there should be little to no monthly maintenance. And if you do need to make remote changes you should have familiar tools such as SSH.

Finally, no network changes should need to be made at the location where your appliance is housed. All you need at the location is electricity and an internet connection.


You shouldn't have to worry about someone cracking your appliance. rbpod's use strict user and network security settings and run on Debian Linux, which is very secure by default.


It is possible to build an rbpod system from scratch for less than $150. And things are even cheaper if you already have an old hard drive or Raspberry Pi lying around.


These devices are designed to run at a remote location (i.e. a friend's house) without any physical hands-on maintenance. Once you plug them in they should work. If an important service crashes (like ssh, tor, or btsync) then the monit daemon will restart it and notify you.

Build Progress

I hope to be able to accomplish all of these goals soon. Until then, I'll have to settle for elbow grease, good notes and Puppet scripts to provision my appliance. You will be able to try out the scripts yourself as soon as I have something to upload to Github. In the mean time, you can follow my work log.

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